Lightweight Aircraft Seats

Since 2008, international regulatory agencies such as the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), have explored removing the restrictive paragraph in SAE Standard AS8049B which bans the use of magnesium alloys in aircraft seats.

Without such a restriction, application of Mg alloys in a seat’s primary structure will make it possible to achieve a substantial weight reduction.  based on our preliminary calculations, replacing Al alloy seat elements with their Mg counterparts will reduce per seat weight by about 28-30%.

SMWE is prepared to develop appropriate technology and to engineer and manufacture a trial batch of seat components from an optimally selected Mg alloy based on customer specifications.  We can conduct comprehensive testing of these components and provide test results/reports.  If necessary, SMWE can also facilitate approval, qualification, and certification of all materials, parts and production facilities involved, in accordance with existing aerospace regulations.