Aerospace Components


Large forgings sized up to 3000 mm in length 

SMW specializes in magnesium and aluminum lightweight aviation-grade alloys, including scandium-containing Almascan system. Forgings sized up to 3000 mm are produced by 15000 ton hydraulic presses utilizing state of the art net-shape technology. SMW engineers will guide and advise at all stages of product development, including comparative analysis of materials – per the required resultant specifications.

Some examples of our products

Forged Mg Window frame

Target application: Airbus A340

Alloys: AZ31, AZ80

This component was developed and manufactured by SMWE within Magforming project.

Rudder Pedal

Application: Business Jet 

Alloy: AZ91D

Helicopter seat bracket

Application: Bell/Augusta

Alloy: AM60