Wrought Titanium

Ultrastrong lightweight titanium components project

SMW Engineering is developing an innovative technology for manufacture of ultra-strong lightweight titanium components from pseudo-β-alloys of Ti - Cr - V - Mo - Al – Zr system, with high-temperature thermo-mechanical treatment. Optimized chemical composition has been selected as well as the thermoplastic treatment schedules for the alloys as a result of multiple experimentation trials.

Deliverable properties:

•Tensile strength σB = 1650 - 1800 MPa, yield strength σ0.2 = 1450 - 1600 MPa,

•Relative elongation δ = 6 – 14 %,

•Density ρ = 4,7 – 4,9 g/cm3,

•Impressive fatigue properties,

•Enhanced corrosion resistance.

Potential users are aerospace, defense and automotive fields.

Application example: torsion spring for Formula 1 car.
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