SMWE Forging Capabilities

Since last century, SMW has been a reliable metallurgical fabricator serving primarily aerospace, defense and automotive sectors worldwide. Our proprietary magnesium and aluminum forging technologies result in improved microstructure and superior properties -- and up to 25% in weight savings.

SMW Forging Capabilities

Forged Magnesium

Magnesium presents a unique lightweighting advantage when processed through three-dimensional precision forging.  SMW uses the most advanced technological process to manufacture various components, such as forged wheels. Most forging processes do not produce parts having net-shape final design. The typical process is called "open die" forging and is utilized by forgers worldwide. However, such forgings require more machining to be done, while interfering with the natural metal fibers and causing some loss in strength and fatigue properties as a result.

SMW forged wheels are produced with a more complex mold, which is three-dimensional (3D) precise closed-die.  This proprietary forging technology forms all surfaces of the wheel, including the spokes and the well and bead seat.  By slowly pressing a billet into a multi-component mold, the very powerful hydraulic forging press (up to 30,000 tons of force), the metal is substantially shaped in accordance with the mold geometry.  This process works very similarly for aluminum forgings as it does for magnesium forgings -- ensuring the desired metal flow with fibers directionally positioned along the spokes, and arranged as orthogonally as possible with respect to the direction of the loads acting upon the wheel.  The resulting optimized grain structure provides for higher mechanical properties and superior fatigue characteristics of a forged wheel.  Additionally, SMW team is continuously working to get the billet microstructure further improved.  All the efforts are aimed at creating the strongest wheel in the world, able to safely and reliably operate at speeds of over 300 km/hour, as demanded by the F1 and MotoGP professionals, among others.