Wrought Magnesium Uses

 Superior Quality Magnesium Round Bar, Magnesium Rod, Forged Wheels

Wrought magnesium metal is increasingly widely used for weight reduction of components for various industrial and consumer applications.  Parts are typically machined from magnesium round bar, magnesium rods, magnesium plate or magnesium extrusions. Forged magnesium wheels are considered to be the very top choice for lightweighting purposes.  

In addition to automotive manufacturing and aerospace industries, lightweighting is also very important for some sporting goods applications, especially in motorsports. Additionally, some smallscale manufacture of agricultural goods and some customized components related to sewing equipment, printing equipment and others make use of magnesium bar, magnesium rod and magnesium plate to fabricate from.

Magnesium bar and magnesium rods are produced by extrusion while magnesium plate and magnesium sheet are made by rolling.  Forged wheel blanks and other forgings are produced on hydraulic presses having at least 10000 tons of force, and in some cases 15000 tons. In addition to the obvious benefits weight reduction brings, wrought magnesium can be used to produce shock/vibration absorbing elements for various machinery -- due to its extraordinarily high damping factor. Magnesium sheet and plate are also deployed for diverse applications in medical industry and electronics.

Another rapidly increasing use of the metal is in forged magnesium wheel, sometimes referred to as “magnesium rims” for automobiles and motorcycles.  Reputable suppliers of magnesium wheels can provide a variety of options to selective buyers. There are numerous benefits, if addition to fuel economy, which inevitably make magnesium wheel (magnesium rim) an essential part of an automobile of the future – not only in motorsports but also for road use.