SMWE History

Beginning of the carrier

SMWE was established in Russia in 1996, with a focus on metallurgical engineering, EPCM project coordination and development, and raw materials extraction and processing.

Until 2003 SMWE was affiliated with Solikamsk Magnesium Works, Russia's oldest magnesium smelter and research facility (producer of magnesium and its alloys, titanium sponge, chemical and rare-earth products). Also until 2003, we were a sister company of the Russian Institute of Titanium and Magnesium (RITM).

Present days

The engineering arm of SMW was fully spun off in 2003, and its lineup of leading engineering specialists has since been joined by eminent VAMI (Russian Aluminium and Magnesium Institute) staff, as well as personnel from other leading process design enterprises. These engineers are renowned for numerous projects across the globe.