SMWE activities and capabilities overview

Modern processing technologies for magnesium  alloys allow to attain considerable improvement in metal structure and properties. This allows to reduce the weight of a component by up to 25% compared to traditional aluminium alloys.

SMW Engineering's main activities are as follows:

Supplies and technologies

  • Aerospace components from magnesium alloys
  • Automotive parts from magnesium  alloys
  • Extrusions from magnesium and aluminium alloys 
  • Technologies and services for application of wear-resistant and corrosion resistant coatings to magnesium and aluminium alloy parts
  • Master alloys for aluminium and magnesium alloys
  • Flat rolled products from aluminium and magnesium alloys: sheet, plate, strip
  • Magnesium alloy castings

Engineering services

  • Process technology engineering
  • Production technology development and optimisation
  • Complex parts development and design in CATIA, MORFEO and DEFORM-3D software
  • Production tooling design and manufacture
  • R&D in the field of aluminium and magnesium alloys

Project implementation

  • Technological solutions for large-scale chlorine metallurgy projects
  • Technologies of magnesium production from chloride and magnesium oxide feedstock
  • Industrial and domestic waste processing technologies
  • Gas and electric furnace equipment, plasma furnaces, purification furnaces and melt granulation units
  • Electrolysers with individual power supply operating in a production line
  • Busbar systems for magnesium electrolysers

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