The primary mission of the project is to develop a more efficient and eco-friendly coating for magnesium components – by employing proprietary highly effective surface treatment solutions, new-generation technology with self-healing capacity — to improve very substantially the corrosion resistance properties.

Within the framework of the project, SINTEF’s planned collaboration is in the analysis of the resulting protective coating of surface morphology, chemical and phase composition, including coating thickness (Eddy Current, metallographic cross-section, FBI, etc.). Oxide morphology and composition (porosity and crystalliness, etc.). Corrosion process study using various methods (salt spray chamber, samples in saltwater environment), as well as electrochemical behaviour in chloride solution (OCP, polarization curves, LPR, EIS, etc.). Using FIB / SEM / EDS to help understand the corrosion mechanism and to convert this comprehension into further improvements in the surface protection process. The mechanical characteristics (adhesion, abrasion resistance, bending, etc.) will also be tested and analysed.

SMW Group team expresses its appreciation to LIAA for the hospitality and the productive discussions about the project implementation process and the potential cooperation in the future.

Great pleasure and honour to also thank Agnese Cimdiņa for taking part. We shall strive to closely cooperate in the aim of achieving very positive and tangible long-term results.

Working together for a green, competitive and inclusive Europe.

The project (ID. AK-IES/35) is financed by Norway Grants / Innovation Norway and LIAA.