2021-01-03 Innovative and efficient coating development for magnesium components

Applying a protective coating to the surface of magnesium alloys is an obvious strategy to improve their wear and corrosion. Among the various surface treatments used for magnesium alloys is the plasma-assisted physical vapor deposition (PAPVD) technique, which has been extensively studied and is now widely used in industry to increase the productivity and service life of many industrial tools. Many studies have focused on the use of pure aluminum foil as an interface layer (because its galvanic compatibility with magnesium, although not ideal, is better than most other engineering metals). In addition, a common theme used in such studies is the fragile intermetallic development of Al-Mg.

Given that no technology is available in the literature for the PEO process for magnesium components, it is planned to divide the operation into several phases / steps, where each subsequent step will be developed only after the successful implementation of the previous step, which means that if one of the steps is not successfully implemented, the second part of the project will not be continued. A review of the literature is needed to understand how and if technological development can be done at all.

To begin with, on the basis of modern science, new research is needed to conduct newer Mg alloy coating literature search results. The result of the first quarter's scientific work is the maintenance of literature data - more than 250 literature sources on the protective coating of Mg alloy, including the PVD method, were selected. Using the amount of data collected, it was planned to prepare and publish an open-access scientific paper “Promising Methods for Corrosion Protection of Magnesium Alloys in the Case of Mg-Al, Mg-Mn-Ce and Mg- Zn-Zr: A Recent Progress Review ”.

based on the collected literature data, the main conclusions about the technological parameters of PVD Mg alloy coating (Time temperature) and the formation of intermetallic phases of the materials used were made.


Being implemented with the financial support of the ERDF.