SMW is currently developing Almascan® (Al-Mg-Sc system), deploying advanced powder metallurgy technology which entails ultra-rapid cooling (up to 10.000.000 K/s) through the use of spinning procedure with subsequent thermoplastic processing.  The technology to be implemented allows to obtain materials with desired enhanced characteristics.

Expected material characteristics:

•       tensile strength σB = 650-675 MPa, yield strength σ0.2 = 600-620 MPa,

•       low density -- about 2.65 g/cm3,

•       impressive fatigue properties (high low-cycle fatigue strength),

•       high corrosion resistance,

•       high creep crack growth resistance,

•       does not require heat-treating strengthening,

•       good weldability (σBweld / σB > 0.9) either by laser beam (LBW) or by friction stir (FSW).


•       Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University

•       National University of Science and Technology (MISiS) 

•       All-Russia Institute of Light Alloys (VILS)

•       A. Baikov Institute of metallurgy and Material Science RAS (IMET)

Project implementation phases:

1. Lab investigations aiming at optimal alloy recipe, technology optimization, improvement of flakes compression and sintering techniques, qualification testing

2. Experimental technology development, implementation of a pilot production facility, samples manufacturing

Potential clients: aerospace, defense, and automotive (racing) industries

Start of mass production:  May 2017

Products to be manufactured:

Semi-finished components such as:

-          Profiles

-          Tubes

-          Rods, etc.

SMW will be also prepared to produce samples of stringers, properties/characteristics of which we expect to meet or exceed those required by the aerospace industry.

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