Specialty metals Complex in South Africa

Large scale specialty metals complex in South Africa project. Integration of numerous production facilities by a unified general plan and process flow. Planned production facilities include magnesium, titanium sponge and ferrotitanium, zirconium sponge, polysilicon.

Planned production facilities:
  • Titanium sponge and ferrotitanium production
  • Zirconium sponge, zirconium and silicon dioxide
  • Magnesium production
  • Polysilicon production
  • Chlorine and chlorinated paraphine production – based on the complex chlorine balance
  • Production of parts from titanium and zirconium sponge
  • Feedstock: titanium slag, zirconium concentrate, carnalite, technical silicon

SMWE’s main functions:

  • Pre-feasibility study developer
  • Coordination of works performed by technology providers at PFS stage
  • Project initiation at PFS stage
  • Magnesium technology provider
  • Final reports compilation and review with the customer

SMWE’s functions as a technical customer:

  • Initial data preparation and review
  • Technical specifications development and coordination
  • Project administration and performance management
  • Design parameters development
  • Preparation of project development manual
  • Development of architectural, structural design, infrastructure, energy supply and automation requirements
  • Technological and environmental risks analysis