SMW Engineering


Forward-thinking, industry-leading products, processes and technologies have defined SMW Engineering for more than 15 years.

SMWE is a major metallurgical fabricator serving the aerospace, defense and automotive sectors worldwide.  We also provide a full range of technology and engineering solutions and services to clients in the mining, minerals, metals, manufacturing, infrastructure and energy sectors.

We specialize in the development, manufacture and supply of lightweight applications deploying proprietary and generic magnesium, aluminum-lithium and other aluminum-based specialized alloys and hybrid materials. 

We are the global leader in forged magnesium wheel blanks, extruded bar, plate and similar fabrications.


SMW is currently developing Almascan® (Al-Mg-Sc system), deploying advanced powder metallurgy technology which entails ultra-rapid cooling (up to 10.000.000 K/s) through the use of spinning...


Development of new magnesium forming technologies for the aeronautics industry (MagForming and AEROMAG) MagForming  (created to complement the work of the AEROMAG project), was...


Aeronautical Application of Wrought Magnesium (FP6 AEROMAG) The technical focus of the university-driven proposal, AEROMAG, designed in collaboration with the Network of Universities...

Lightweight Aircraft Seats

Since 2008, international regulatory agencies such as the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), have explored removing the restrictive paragraph in SAE Standard AS8049B which bans the use...

Weissach package

Comparative testing was performed between Porsche 918 Spider standard forged aluminium wheels and the Weissach package containing forged magnesium wheels, which over 60% of buyers have opted...